Good food, Good mood

You feel at times what you are consuming is interlinked to your mood. Yes, of course, they are. But how? How food changes your mood? How a little bite of dessert makes you feel better when you are low?

It is important to know how our body and mood reacts to what we consume. So, here are few amazing answers to all your queries, with the list of food which helps to improve your mood.

1. When we consume food, more tryptophan enters our brain, more serotonin is synthesized in the brain and our mood tends to improve automatically.

Top tryptophan foods you should consume

a) Cafe-free eggs

b) Organic dairy products

c) Wild-caught fish

d) Potatoes

e) Bananas

f) Beans

e) Whole grains

2. Breakfast plays a vital role amongst all the meals. According to researchers, having breakfasts regularly improves your memory, brings more energy, makes you cal and improves your mood.

Few healthy breakfast that you can consume

a) Cold cereal

b) Sunny side up/ scrambled egg/ boiled egg and toast

c) Green tea or Fresh fruit juice

d) Grilled chicken or fish

e) Fruit salad

3. According to a study by the University of Illinois Extension, eating regular meals and snacks every day at the same time keeps your blood sugar level steady which in turn leads to a good mood.

Few healthy snacks or small meals that you can consume regularly

a) Apples with cinnamon

b) Almonds

c) Banana smoothie

d) Real food bars

e) Peanut butter sandwich

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

– George Bernard Shaw


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